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Dedicatii... fara numar, fara numar...

In cazul in care i-a scapat "domnului" postarea:

Abuses in Cosbuc... ?!

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Draga Elena, asa cum blogul tau este "stupidity-only", al meu e "english-only", asa ca in cazul nefericit in care nu vorbesti limba lui Shakespeare, te poftesc sa iti angajezi un translator sau sa folosesti Google Language Tools

I recently received a link to a quite interesting little blog called "A blog about the abuses made by George Cosbuc's principal, Buciu Ilinca". I actually had the patience to read it all, including the comments, during a few boring lectures at uni, and i just can't stand not giving my opinion on this. With the hope that the author "Elena" will read this post, i must say that he/she either has a mental problem, or has absolutely no idea what he/she is writing about and just likes to fuck up other people's image.
To begin with, all I've seen you do on that blog is make false accusations with absolutely no proof! Anyone can produce numbers and give them out as "real information", but can you actually provide the source of your info? Obviously, you can't! And in case you can, i look forward to seeing it on that magnificent blog of yours... Sure, i can open a blog named "Corneliu Echer has sado-maso relations with students" and start giving out names, numbers and anonymous comments just to prove my point, but who's going to believe me as long as i don't provide proof? Probably some old people who have already been brain-washed by the media and tend to believe anything that shows up on a screen... (Not sure you're not actually one of them though. In that case, i pity you and you may stop reading from this point on...)
I saw that since September, you managed to come up with 6 posts about different "abuses" you tend to believe Ms. Buciu made. Well, let's see what these are:

1."With absolute power, principal Buciu Ilinca, took 100.000.000 lei (which means about £2,184) out of school funds [...] and bought 4 white cork panels... with wheels."
Nothing but filthy words filled with hatred and zero proof! How can you start saying such preposterous things without providing any hard evidence?! You realise that the principal is not the only one who deals with money in a school, right? And if such a thing actually were to happen, you would not be the only one yelling out about it. So if you post a document showing that you're not lying, i promise i will give you an apology. But till then, for me, you're nothing more than a worthless scum!

2. "Smoking allowed on school grounds!"
Come on dude, get out of your bubble and look around! There is no public school in Romania in which students don't smoke! They don't have any one's permission but they do, and they will most probably do this till the end of our days! I know 7-th graders who smoke at home and outside with no remorse, so why would they retain from doing so in the school yard? It's the family's fault that they fuck up their health, not the school's. School is there to provide them with a decent general knowledge which is supposed to help them throughout their life, not to teach them how to quit smoking! (And by the way, the videos you posted are totally irrelevant L-) )

3. I am totally going to disregard the post you made about the involvement of our principal in any political campaign! I've known Ms. Ilinca Buciu for more than 4 years and i doubt ever seeing or hearing her being involved in any political movement, let alone give money to such parties or put up banners on school grounds. Oh, and again, you have no proof!

4. "5 minute breaks instead of 10..."
On one hand you complain that the breaks are too short, and on the other you complain that kinds finish classes too late... How do you expect solving these two problems at the same time!? If you make the breaks 10 minutes long, classes would end even later! At least if the breaks are 5 mins long (like everyone is used to already) classes can end at an earlier hour. So there's another totally irrelevant post!
5. "A foundation is being run in room 17..." What the fuck? That is a room in which different school clubs are run and where Roxana Marin teaches her classes. When i was a member of the Green Team (and thus had access to that room for weeks) i did not see anything running there other than school activities. So again, you fail to give proof to your statements.

All in all, what i can say is that you are nothing more than a worthless teacher (or student, but i doubt it) who will do anything to grab some attention and to get listened to (at least on the Internet, if in real life you can't). Most probably nobody likes you and you're frustrated; you would give anything to be as popular as Ms. Ilinca but you know that is impossible, so instead of rising up to her level you prefer to lower her to yours (which again, i can bet is impossible). So if you consider yourself worth being listened to, give us your real identity, give proof to your statements and then people will consider you trust worthy. Till then, if i were you, i would hide under a rock and delete that piece of shit you call a blog.

Peace out!

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